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Modentic Valve Is Recommended By Our customers In Paint Industry

Dulux Systematic design ,product manufacturing and other aspects all reflect the idea of quality, security and environmental protection. Which meets the demands of reduced costs and updated systematic function.
——Dulux .阿克苏诺贝尔漆油(中国)有限公司 Mr zhang
Nippon Eliminating the function of automatic control valve, MD technical team with reliable and open combinational solution to meet extreme environment with rich experience, open to any challenges.
——Nippon 立邦涂料(中国)有限公司 Mr Wang
Hempel Supply innovative and energy-saving solution and rich products and unparallel professional service.
——海虹老人涂料(昆山)有限公司 Mr Han
PPG With feature of excellent corrosion resistance, abrasive resistance and heat resistance
——庞贝捷涂料(昆山)有限公司(PPG涂料)Mr Guo
Hempel To help optimizing existing equipments, MD could supply the most comprehensive control solution.
——赫普(昆山)/广州涂料有限公司 船舶用漆 Mr Li
Maydos While the pipe ageing and abrasion when using, maintenance work will be required constantly. Utilizing advanced technical including adjusting valve, electric and pneumatic actuated butterfly valve and ball valve, to help realize the process automation and prolong the production time.
—— Maydos广东美涂士化工集团 Mr Gao
XiangJiang Meet the standard of environmental protection, reduce the cost of maintenance, timely delivery time.
——湖南湘江关西涂料有限公司 Mr Fang
Carpoly Professional engineering experience, service solution , production ability which brand is reliable. What’s more, MD could supply Customize the solution..
—— Carpoly 广东嘉宝莉化工有限公司 Mr Zhou
SCC Products meet the requirements of kinds of industry standard, saving downtime of maintenance, improving the performance between factory and pipeline operation. Protecting site workers , meet the environmental protection and superior quality requirement.
——清远市实创涂料科技有限公司 (汽车修补漆) Mr Zhao
Long life circle , easy and reliable operation, fire protection design to meet the transportation requirement for flammable and explosive liquids. Products with high cost-effective and variety to meet different demands.
——南京美星鹏科技实业有限公司 Mr Yang
Dulux Small torque , on-ff smoothly, timely after sales service, non-standard customized for clients, solving site problems perfectly.
——卜内门太古油漆 Mr Guo