quality assurance

The pursue for Modentic lies in exceeding the standard and request at domestic and overseas. Along with internal quality control system, we engage in carrying out the comprehensive quality management.


Quality Management

We are able to perform enhanced Quality Assurance processes (from the raw materials to the finished products) and testing inspection independently with our advanced and comprehensive testing devices. And the valve inspection covers all kinds of testing such as liquid penetrant test, magnetic powder inspection, ultrasonic examination, PMI, fire safe tests, high temperature test, low emission, high pressure gas test, life test, salt mist test, the conventional water pressure experiments and etc. In addition, each product delivered from Modentic has an independent identity code, which can accurately and quickly obtain all information from raw materials to finished products. In this way, the process control and management ability can be continuously improved through the advanced statistic analysis of data.

2. Dimension Examination
3. MT
4. Neutral Salt Spray Testing
5.Precision Machining
6. Fire Testing
7.Pressure Testing
8.Laser Marking
9. UT
10. Hardness Testing